The Importance of TABC Licensing

The Importance of TABC Licensing

If you’re planning on selling alcoholic beverages in Texas, you’ll need TABC licensing. This law helps keep Texans safe, prevents drunk driving, and prevents employees from violating the law. Here’s a look at what you need to do to get licensed.

TABC licensing is required to sell alcoholic beverages

TABC licensing is an essential first step if you plan to sell alcoholic beverages in Texas. It is necessary to comply with various rules and regulations the state imposes. In addition, a new license or permit must be applied for each time a new business is acquired. The time frame for obtaining a license or permit depends on the type of license you wish to obtain and any certification required by the local governing authority.  

A TABC license can be obtained for different purposes, including catering, winery, brewery, and package store. This license allows you to sell various types of alcohol, including beer, wine, and spirits. A wine business must have employees at least 16 years of age. You must also obtain a late hours permit if you want to sell alcohol after two in the morning. Moreover, you cannot sell alcoholic beverages with a 17 percent alcohol content on Sunday or after 10 p.m.

It helps prevent drunk driving in Texas

TABC licensing helps prevent drunk driving in Texas by providing guidelines for alcohol service employees and helping prevent underage drinking. It also helps workers avoid the most common violations associated with alcohol service. Additionally, TABC certification provides employers with peace of mind, knowing that their employees are adequately trained.

Businesses must also obtain a license for off-premise events. To obtain an off-premise permit, the applicant must provide information about the event and publish a public notice in the newspaper. Sometimes, a business owner can obtain a temporary permit for an event without a license. In addition, depending on the nature of the event, it may not be necessary to acquire a license if it provides alcohol for free to adult customers.

TABC Licensing

It helps prevent employee violations of the law

A TABC license for selling alcoholic beverages allows businesses to protect themselves from employee violations of the law. It helps prevent violations by ensuring employees have proper training and a TABC-approved seller’s certificate. Employers must also follow a written policy regarding responsible alcohol service and ensure that employees understand it. All employees and immediate managers selling alcohol must complete TABC-approved seller’s training within 30 days of hire. Under TABC guidelines, an employee must not violate the law more than three times in a 12-month period.

The TABC also has a policy known as Safe Harbor. The employer will be protected under the Safe Harbor policy if an employee violates the law while serving or selling alcoholic beverages. This policy protects an employer from civil action, fines, and even jail time if the employee is convicted of violating the law. In addition to protecting the employer, Safe Harbor requires that the employee commit no more than six violations in a twelve-month period to qualify.

It helps keep Texans safe

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) wants alcohol retailers to focus on keeping people safe. This is why TABC agents will patrol around the state this Independence Day weekend, visiting bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to ensure they follow proper safety procedures. This is especially important because significant holidays such as these attract large crowds, and alcohol retailers must ensure they do everything possible to keep people safe.

The TABC has strict guidelines for bars and restaurants in Texas. They must meet specific minimum standards, including indoor capacity limits, the social distancing of six feet between groups of customers, and more. TABC inspectors have inspected about 3,000 bars in Texas, and if a bar or restaurant violates these guidelines, it can be shut down for 30 days and may lose its license for 60 days.