Microdermabrasion Recovery Tips (KW Microdermabrasion Treatment)

Microdermabrasion is a popular skin resurfacing treatment that helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other skin imperfections. While it is a relatively gentle procedure, there are still some precautions and recovery tips to keep in mind to ensure the best results and minimise any potential side effects.

  1. 1. Avoid sun exposure: Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun after microdermabrasion, so it’s important to limit sun exposure and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher when going outside.
  2. Keep your skin moisturised: Microdermabrasion treatment can leave your skin feeling dry and tight, so it’s crucial to keep your skin hydrated. Use a gentle, fragrance-free moisturiser and apply it liberally several times a day.
  3. Avoid harsh products: Steer clear of any harsh skincare products containing retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids, or other exfoliating ingredients for at least a week after the treatment. These can further irritate your already sensitive skin.
  4. Don’t pick or peel: You may experience some mild peeling or flaking in the days following the treatment. Resist the urge to pick or peel the skin, as this can lead to scarring or infection.
  5. Use a gentle cleanser: Opt for a mild, fragrance-free cleanser and avoid scrubbing or using abrasive washcloths or loofahs, which can further irritate your skin.
  6. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep your skin well-hydrated from the inside out, which can aid in the healing process.
  7. Avoid strenuous exercise: Sweating and increased blood flow can irritate the treated area, so it’s best to avoid strenuous exercise or activities that cause excessive sweating for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
  8. Attend follow-up appointments: If your skincare professional recommends follow-up treatments or maintenance appointments, be sure to keep those appointments to ensure the best possible results.

Remember, while some redness, dryness, and mild peeling are normal after microdermabrasion, if you experience excessive swelling, pain, or any other concerning symptoms, contact your skin care professional right away.

At Chelsea Cosmetics, we like our patients to have realistic expectations about any procedure, including microdermabrasion treatments. So the consultation process is important as the way the process works, the results that can be discussed and other details can be understood clearly then.