Is CoolSculpting Effective?

There are several reasons to use CoolSculpting. Ultimately, the results are dependent on each individual. Here’s a guide to the process. Learn about the cost and types of areas treated and potential side effects. Read on to learn about CoolSculpting Virginia beach. It’s worth the investment because you can see results in as little as one week. In addition to reducing your abdominal fat, CoolSculpting can reduce your body’s overall fat percentage by 20 percent.

Results depend on the individual.

Several side effects can occur after CoolSculpting. In some cases, paradoxical hyperplasia may occur and requires surgical intervention. Other possible complications include numbness, itching, cramping, bloating, or late-onset pain. The procedure is safe, but the potential for complications is real. The procedure is available only to people with excess fat and is highly customized for each patient. While results are not permanent, many patients experience a more flattering body contour.

Although CoolSculpting produces visible results, most patients experience a gradual improvement in their appearance. This process can take three to four months to see its maximum results. However, it may take up to six months to see the full transformation. It is dependent on the patient’s metabolism and lymphatic system, which varies from person to person. For this reason, it is important to schedule CoolSculpting treatments when you don’t have a tight time constraint.



There are two primary ways to determine the cost of CoolSculpting. First, the area of the body will determine the cost. A larger area of the body requires a larger applicator. Both types of applicators use disposable tips. The larger applicator is more expensive to purchase from the manufacturer and more costly to purchase for the patient—CoolSculpting costs approximately $2,000 per treatment cycle for smaller areas and $1,500 for larger areas. Many practices offer discounts on the price per cycle if patients purchase multiple treatments.

The cost of CoolSculpting varies depending on the practitioner and the region of the body targeted for the process. It is due to the size of the handpiece and applicator used during the treatment. Since the procedure is not one-size-fits-all, the cost can be quite high. For this reason, it is wise to get as much information as possible before scheduling your appointment. In addition, it is best to get a quote for each area of the body you would like to target with the procedure.

Areas treated

Patients can choose from several areas on their bodies to be treated with CoolSculpting. The targeted regions depend on the size of the patient. The process freezes fatty tissues and breaks them down. The procedure can leave patients with minimal redness, bruising, and skin sensitivity and can take between 35 and 60 minutes per area. Patients should take at least two weeks off from work or other strenuous activity after their CoolSculpting procedure.

CoolSculpting can be used to reduce fat deposits in areas such as the waist, inner and outer thighs, love handles, and neck. The procedure can also improve the shape of the chin and saddlebags. Therefore, the FDA approves CoolSculpting to target the submental region, the outer and inner thighs, and the submental region and be used to target the double chin.

Side effects

The side effect of CoolSculpting is body fat reduction. Symptoms can range from firmness to tingling and stinging. Other possible side effects include skin sensitivity or cramping. In addition, CoolSculpting’s website states that patients may experience visible enlargement of the treated area in rare cases. For these reasons, the procedure is recommended for people who do not wish to undergo surgery.

The initial procedure is uncomfortable, and many patients describe it as painful. While most patients report feeling no pain, some experience deep tugging or pinching. However, this discomfort is brief and often passes after a couple of days. It is because the fat cells are dying at that point. A few days after the procedure, patients can usually return to normal activities. After the initial session, some patients may experience numbness and slight redness in the treated areas.


One of the main concerns with CoolSculpting has been its safety, as the procedure leaves the skin numb for weeks or months. While this can cause some complications, this is rare and will not interfere with the treatment. In addition, patients do not require anesthesia for the procedure, making it a very safe option. 

Common Side Effects: Most patients experiencing side effects report only minor, transient side effects. They typically include skin sensitivity, numbness, tingling, bruising, and pain. Some patients report pain in the targeted area, and others experience sudden changes in skin and underlying fat layers. Scarring is possible but is rare. In rare cases, a patient may experience “paradoxical adipose hyperplasia,” a gradual increase in the targeted area’s size and hardening.