Decorating with flowers – a guide to home decor

People agree that putting flowers in rooms can give warmth. No matter what is the theme of the room, the decor, flowers can give a different touch. In offices or cafes, flowers can make these places homely, so you will enjoy spending your time there for hours. That is the reason why many cafes and bookstores, even retail boutiques are able to keep customers for a very long time.

Flowers, even the simplest ones, do really warm your rooms up. You can choose fresh flowers or ones made of plastics. Nowadays, plastic flowers have a similar look to fresh ones, so you will not find any difference from distant places.

Here are some tips for creating a different atmosphere with flowers:

Choosing flowers

before deciding the flowers you are going to put in your rooms, you should match them with your room themes. If the themes are tropical, traditional, or modern natural style, tropical flowers will suit them best. It is because tropical flowers are colorful, and you can even grow them in your own gardens. For this, you can choose frangipani, orchid, lotus, and hibiscus.

The other choices are baby bread, aster, lily, Casablanca, and rose. Although they are not tropical flowers, you can find them so easily in florists.

Choosing the vases

Vases can also influence the beauty of flowers. Nowadays, vases are designed in so many models, so you can find the ones you like, based on the decor theme or your own favor. Transparent cylinder vases, big bowl vases, or silver vases are timeless, so you can use them anytime on any occasion.

You can also choose ceramic vases which have a unique shape. For certain occasions, a wooden plate or slim metal vase can give a different look. You can be creative if you are getting bored of your vases. Put some flowers in a line of small glasses, or glass bowls with water inside. Add aromatherapy candles to make it more beautiful. Even essential oils can help bring a beautiful essence.

Being creative

Although you love roses or lilies, it does not mean that other flowers do not deserve to take your rooms. Taste and preference do influence the choice of flowers, but you should not choose only the ones you love to put it in. So many choices of flowers are available for you! Try different flowers to please your guests if you hold a party.

You can even arrange some long leaves in a tall vase and put them on your dining table. To be more stylish; put the same asters on a styrofoam ball, put it together with a candle on a plate. If you have recently received a bouquet through flower delivery in Bangalore service from a friend, family member, or better half, you would want to keep them from wilting. If they wilt, you would want to keep the dried flowers irrespective of that. There are many floral arrangements that can be done with dried flowers too. Like potpourri is also a great option for decorating, drying, and wilted flowers.