A Handy Guide to Diluting Essential Oils with Coconut Oil

Has it ever occurred to you how safe it is to apply essential oils to your skin directly? Or have you been excited about oil pulling and thought of trying it? If yes, you sure seem like a person who would love aromatherapy in the home to free every corner of your living space from toxic chemicals and irritants.

But applying the naturally distilled oils topically to the skin isn’t suggested at all. Therefore, the concept of dilution came to light. Upon diluting the concentrated essential oils in a carrier like a coconut oil, you get a lighter version to be used topically on your skin. This way, fragrant can achieve all the goals that it is supposed to, without causing any harm.

What Is a Carrier Oil?

It is a base for blending essential oils. In other words, it is a component into which you can mix the natural scents easily. You can choose from several carrier oils, but coconut oil has some unique properties that further enhance the essences’ properties. For instance, it is highly versatile and can be used with different essences for skin care, oral health, hair care, and home fragrance products.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Free from harmful chemicals, harsh fragrances, and toxic additives, it naturally contains “medium-chain triglycerides” and one specific compound called “lauric acid.”

These compounds help it absorb into the skin more easily, instead of just sitting on the surface. They also give it antimicrobial properties that are great for facial skin and lips.

When combined with essential oils, it becomes a powerful moisturizer, cleanser, and conditioner.

So, to unlock these benefits, let’s learn how to dilute different Young Living essential oils with coconut oil.

Things You Need

For Skincare

Lavender (for sensitive skin and irritation), Frankincense (for acne and discoloration), Ylang-Ylang (for blemish-prone and dull skin), Geranium (for balancing oil production), and Tea Tree (for blemish-prone skin)

For Hair Care

Lavender (promotes hair growth), Rosemary (promotes hair growth and thickness), Lemongrass (soothes skin and eludes dandruff), and Chamomile (soothes the scalp and lightens color).

For Oil Pulling

Peppermint (antimicrobial properties), Cinnamon (anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties), and Clove (antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic properties).

For Aromatherapy

Peppermint (stimulating and energizing), Lavender (calming), Lemon (calming and clarifying), Rosemary (energizing), and Cinnamon (warm, comforting, improves concentration).


The rule of thumb states that 1% essential oil is required for every two teaspoons of carrier oil. That means three drops of any of your preferred essence with two teaspoons of coconut oil. This is safe for topical application, though if you are considering it for home fragrance, add a few more drops.


Add 1/4th of the carrier oil to a glass bowl. We suggest using a small quantity because essential oils are sensitive to light and heat and can go rancid if stored for a longer period in a warm environment.


Melt the oil and make it suitable for blending. You can place the glass bowl in a larger bowl and add a little warm water into the larger bowl. After it melts down, remove the smaller bowl from the larger one.


Add the essential oil into the liquefied carrier. Twenty drops of the fragrant for 1/4th carrier oil is recommended. However, this ratio depends on the purpose of the blend. For instance, if you want to make a homemade facial moisturizer, leverage the benefits of geranium and lavender by adding ten drops of each.


Now, prepare for the storage of the mixture by pouring it into a container that can be sealed properly. Since coconut oil solidifies at a certain temperature, it is suggested to use a small pot or jar, in which you can just dip your finger and use the mixture like a lotion or cream.

How to Use

As a Skin Moisturizer: Just a pea-sized amount of the blend is enough in the morning and night after cleansing.

For Hair Treatment: Massage a dime-size amount of blend into the scalp and finger-comb through the rest of the hair.

For Oil Pulling: Take about a tablespoon of the mixture and start swishing to clean and detoxify your teeth and gums.